New outbreak of the tiger mosquito in Mallorca


Mosquito gassers, Pla de Sant Jordi. current photo.

Pest control teams work hard in Mallorca, Fumigation and monitoring of key areas like Pla de Sant Jordi, Ses Fontanelles and Ses Les Meravelles to eradicate a new mosquito outbreak.

“”We urge residents not to allow water to accumulate in gardens or pots this time of year to prevent the mosquitoes from multiplying, “said Joaquin de Maria, Director General for Health and Consumption.

“When it rains and the temperatures are high, they lay their larvae and multiply,” adds de María, who says the latest complaints have come from people who have noticed tiger mosquitoes.

“The common mosquito is under control, however The tiger mosquitoes breed in shallow water, so it is much more difficult to control them,” he says.

“Public spaces where water collects are monitored and treated with larvicides, but the tiger mosquitoes breed on private property. “

Tiger mosquito.

The city council of Palma has received 137 complaints about tiger mosquitoes so far this year compared to 77 in 2019; 187 in 2018 and 365 in 2017.

The most important mosquito breeding months are between May and September when there is usually more rainfall and higher temperatures.

Anyone who has a major problem with tiger mosquitoes should call Palma City Council on 010 as soon as possible so that the control teams can act immediately.

The residents are encouraged to do so Empty standing water from glasses and other containers on terraces and in gardens.

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