Ugandans suggested to not overlook mosquito nets within the midst of the battle over Covid 19


Ugandans were advised not to forget about mosquito nets during the COVID-19 battle.

A bed with a mosquito net. File photo

Ugandans were advised not to forget about mosquito nets during the COVID-19 battle.

Monica Musenero said the president’s advisor on COVID-19 pandemics, who sleeps under insecticide-treated mosquito nets, conducts medical exams and is given anti-malarial drugs, will help contain the spread of the terminal illness.

Musenero therefore explained the reason for introducing a different health system for coronavirus patients in the country.

“So that the community health facilities can continue to treat people with other diseases such as malaria in the community,” Musenero said.

He advised suspected COVID-19 cases to call the Department of Health’s toll-free numbers – 0800100066 and 0800203033 – for testing

“The people who test positive for the coronavirus will be taken to health facilities identified by the Ministry of Health. This is done so that the normal systems of the health center can continue to treat other diseases like malaria as it is an endemic that always is Our country is still affected and COVID-19 have not driven it away, “said Musenero.

Musenero also announced that health centers have not been disrupted with COVID 19 positive patients in order to allow the community health center professionals to continue providing health services.

Musenero said health services include prenatal exams for expectant mothers and treatment for the sick people in the community.

In addition, Brenda Nakkazi, a clinical worker at Kairos Medical Center Namuwongo, advised residents with signs of malaria to get free malaria treatment.

“Malaria screening should be done early so that treatment is delivered to patients quickly,” said Nakkazi.

Nakkazi noted that citizens should be more vigilant as malaria cases in Uganda increase. Because of this, Musenero highlighted the reason for distributing mosquito nets to all citizens.

“People have focused on COVID-19 guidelines, washing hands with soap and water, socially distancing themselves, and ignoring malaria prevention measures like sleeping under a treated mosquito net,” Musenero said.

Recently, the government launched a mass distribution of mosquito nets across the country to help prevent the spread of malaria.

According to the government, the mosquito net distribution program, also known as “Under the Net”, will ensure that Ugandans receive a total of 26.5 million mosquito nets.

Important fact to note

It should be noted, however, that the estimated malaria deaths in sub-Saharan Africa would hit 769,000 this year as most African countries are only focused on containing the spread of the coronavirus and other diseases, according to the model analysis released on April 23 the World Health Organization have ignored.

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