Fort Price sees rising mosquito inhabitants with West Nile virus – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Price


Fort Worth is noticing a worrying trend in mosquito traps across the city.

“2012 seems to have been so long ago that we had an epidemic locally and nationally. Everyone was affected. We had an upward trend in 2016 and now we are in 2020 and there is a lot of talk about COVID-19. What we can’t forget is the West Nile Virus, ”said Brandon Bennett, director for compliance with the Fort Worth Code. “We see more positive traps this year than in the epidemic or 2016.”

Bennett said it was a situation worth watching with perspective.

“What we don’t see, however, is a higher number of human cases. We’re actually on a trend line that is lower than what we normally see, ”said Bennett. “We do that to a number of things. People isolate at home. There are no outdoor celebrations. There aren’t any outdoor baseball and soccer games that people usually go to. “

“There is just a generally greater awareness among our people to be safe and do the things it takes to avoid the West Nile virus, COVID, the flu and everything else that we will face in the next few nine months, ”added Bennett.

It is believed that the recent rains will help control the mosquito population. While the rain doesn’t wipe out the mosquitoes that are already carrying the virus, it helps wash away breeding tanks.

“We should take a break for the next 14 days and then we’ll be back in the thick of it,” said Bennett.

Bennett said the West Nile problems usually fall off in October but could still appear in November.

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