Mosquito repellants supply efficient safety in opposition to coronaviruses, as preliminary research present


A British Army platoon about the attack at West Tofts Camp in Norfolk, England while taking part in Exercise Dynamic Victory.

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A mosquito repellent containing citriodiol, which was given to soldiers to spray on in April, has been shown to provide protection against COVID-19 when tested on artificial skin and plastic. This is shown by a preliminary military report released this week.

Citriodiol has been effective in killing previous forms of the coronavirus and could provide an extra layer of protection against Covid-19, according to research by scientists at the UK’s Defense Science and Technology Laboratory

The eight-page paper contained the results of a test with Mosi-Guard, a citriodiol-based spray, on artificial skin and plastic.

Research showed: “There was evidence that Mosi-guard Natural® treatment on synthetic latex skin affected virus survival for a period of four hours.” However, it was unclear whether the spray was more effective than washing hands and wearing a mask.

Soldiers were also sprayed with Mosi-Guard Natural as it is known to do no harm – but no details were given on these results. They did not disclose how many soldiers were involved in the experiment.

The scientists said the experimental work had not been externally peer reviewed. The military scientists share their preliminary results in the hope that further research will be conducted.

Citriodiol was effective in killing previous forms of the coronavirus.

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More lighthearted about the research, UK Defense Secretary Jeremy Quin said: “The latest research from Dstl shows that sprays containing citriodiol provided to MOD units involved in the COVID response are killing the virus can.

“Today we are sharing our preliminary results so that others can advance additional research to confirm and expand our findings.”

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The Defense Science and Technology Laboratory, located in Porton Down in Salisbury in the south of England, is a Department of Defense executive agency dealing with defense and security science and technology.

It provides specialized services to the ministry and the entire government and is operated commercially.

Details of the research were first reported by Sky News.

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